Cubs & Scouts Summer Camp – Freny Croft Thursday, Jul 20 2017 

Wow, what a weekend!! It’s now Wednesday evening and I’m just starting to recover from what was a fantastic camp for the cubs & scouts.
Ferny Croft laid on some great activities and every Cub and Scout entered in to the spirit of adventure, challenge and team work.
The troopers were a real credit to 1st Ramsbury, well done to everyone.
Enjoy the well-earned rest and we’ll reconvene in September.

Tudor Junk Boats Tuesday, Jul 11 2017 

What a great night, and so many great photos.
I think a picture paints a thousand words. Enjoy the slide show…

Junk Boat Making Monday, Jun 26 2017 

Great night last Thu making all the Junk Boats ready for the annual race down at the river.
Loads of imagination, flair and design went in to the boats.
May the best boat win. Watch this space…

Also, on the massive plus side, we got to invest a new Cub (Ben) and a new leader, Ben’s dad (Mark). Welcome to 1st Ramsbury guys. I hope you enjoy it, though I’m sure you will.

Memo to self – ‘Stop looking so serious’, like someting out of the 1950s per last pic… The good old days.

Ramsbury – Aldbourne Challenge Night Wednesday, Jun 14 2017 

What a tense and close fought night between Ramsbury and Aldbourne.
VERY pleased to say though that our Troops came through and were victorious winning the trophy by the slimmest of margins with 1 point in it.
Congratulations Ramsbury. The trophy will remain with us until next year.

Not to mention, we nearly pulled them in to Swindon in the Tug o War. Well not quite, again, a very hard fought victory.

A good effort, good team work and team spirit shown by both Ramsbury and Aldbourne. Well done to all who took part.

Cray Fishing in the River Kennet. Monday, Jun 12 2017 

Tonight Alex showed us how to catch, dispatch (humainly), cook, prepare and eat Cray fish caught in the River Kennet. We also had baked potatoes (cooked in the fire) and baked beans. A proper wilderness meal. Then for pudding we had marsh mallows, also heated over the fire. PROPER CUBBING!
Thanks to John and Jayne Haw for allowing us to use their fantastic garden.

Whistle Whittling Thursday, May 25 2017 

Penknife skills were put to the test tonight as we all attempted to whittle a whistle out of some willow wood (too many Ws, it’s like a tongue twister!!).
Varying degrees of success but the best one was Ollie’s.
Well done all Cubs for giving it a go.

Rockets Wednesday, May 24 2017 

A great night was had by all as we all built our own ‘Intercontinental Ballistic Hydro Powered Missiles’ (or ‘Over the Hedge Water Rockets’).

Beavers out on a problem and puzzle solving scavenger hunt around Ramsbury Thursday, May 11 2017 

A great night had by all Beavers out and about around the village on a scavenger hunt looking for the letters making up ‘RAMSBURY’.

Great fun had by all.

Beavers Thursday, May 11 2017 

A selection of photos from the Beaver colony showing the fun and adventure they have all had during the Spring Term – including cooking over open fires, junk modelling, charity fundraising for ATE and making Mothers’ Day gifts (while learning to pot plants!).

Littlecote Bike Ride Thursday, Apr 6 2017 

Great weather for a ride over to Littlecote tonight, and some great games once we got there (not forgetting the traditional bag of crisps and soft drink to keep the energy up!)

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